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Christiane Jatahy reinvents with each project new scenic devices that work on the question of borders, whether intimate, formal or geographical. The weaving between Brazilian current events and the fable of Dogville by Lars von Trier is a fertile playground for this artist whom the Comédie de Genève has accompanied for three seasons.

Between dog and wolf tells the story of the young Graça who flees today’s Brazil in search of somewhere else. A small community, all “good” people, welcomes him with open arms. But the intruder quickly polarizes the group’s desires, jealousies and frustrations and everyone becomes an accomplice cog in an unhealthy gear. Stage life, where theater and cinema mingle, moves like an implacable human laboratory. Then arises the sneaky germ of identity and behavioral deviations that oppress the hunted individual. Looking away is a form of cowardice, but repeating history is not inevitable. Graça flees fascism and without realizing it throws herself into his arms, like a being who advances, resolute, towards his tragic destiny. 

It could happen anywhere in the world. But it’s here and now.In light and shadow, everything is visible: the actors filmed and filming, the scenes, the music, the editing of the film – everything is fiction.Is there still time to quit? Can we still change? This is the question posed by Christiane Jatahy, show after show, in a haunting way, in ever-renewed forms.

Based on the film Dogville by Lars von Trier
Adaptation, staging and film production Christiane Jatahy
Artistic collaboration, scenography and lights Thomas Walgrave
Direction of photography Paulo Camacho
Music Vitor Araujo
Costumes Anna Van Brée
Video system Julio Parente and Charlélie Chauvel
Sound Jean Keraudren
Collaboration and assistant Henrique Mariano
Assistant director Stella Rabello
Production set Ateliers de la Comédie de Genève

With Véronique Alain, Julia Bernat, Élodie Bordas, Paulo Camacho, Azelyne Cartigny, Philippe Duclos,  Vincent Fontannaz, Viviane Pavillon, Matthieu Sampeur, Valerio Scamuffa

With the participation of Harry Blättler Bordas
Acknowledgments Martine Bornoz, Adèle Lista, Arthur Lista

Production Comédie de Genève
Co -production Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe – Paris, Piccolo Teatro di Milano-Teatro d’Europa, National Theater of Brittany – Rennes, Maillon Théâtre de Strasbourg – European stage

Lars Von Trier is represented in French-speaking Europe by Marie Cécile Renauld, MCR Agence Littéraire in agreement with Nordiska ApS.
Christiane Jatahy is an associate artist at the Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe, the Centquatre-Paris, the Schauspielhaus Zürich, the Arts Emerson Boston and the Piccolo Teatro di Milano. The Axis company is supported by the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Île-de-France , Ministry of Culture France. 

Duration 1h50
Recommended age 15+
Show offered with English surtitles (optional)




Press review

“A show that dissects the springs of social violence by mixing theater with the energy of dance, video and live.”

— Les Inrockuptibles