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Fronteiras Invisíveis: diálogos para criação de “A Floresta que Anda”

Author Christiane Jatahy
publishing Cobogó

This book presents the process of creating the piece “The Walking Forest” by director Christiane Jatahy, who drew on William Shakespeare’s classic theatrical “Macbeth” to address the social and political conflicts of today. The work brings together many hours of conversations between Christiane and her collaborators for the construction of the piece that unites theater, cinema, video installation and performance, mixing documentary and fiction.


L’espace du Commun
Le théâtre de Christiane Jatahy

Authors Jose da Costa / Christiane Jatahy
Publishing Publie



Author Jose da Costa
publishing USP

This article approaches, in principle, some aspects of the formation and the artistic trajectory of the playwright and director Christiane Jatahy, from the 1990s. But the most specific objective of this text is to present an analysis and a critical reflection on the spectacle “What if they were for Moscow? “, which the director debuted in Rio de Janeiro in 2014 and has already performed in different states of Brazil and in several countries mainly in Europe.